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I've divided my work up into a few basic categories to help you find your way around. Just click on the thumbnail images below to link to the relevant sections.


Cartoon portfolio thumbnailCartoons

There are all sorts of cartoons in here, hopefully displaying a representative sampling of my output. They range from complex corporate cards for large publishers to small doodles done for my own amusement. Have a browse.


Giftware portfolio thumbnailGiftware

Besides cartoons for print, over the years I have also designed a lot of giftware. It's all kind of cartoony, and there are a lot of mugs...



Illustration portfolio thumbnailIllustration

Although I am primarily known for my cartoons on greeting cards and giftware, I have also worked as an illustrator in other fields. Here's a few examples.



go to animationAnimation

Here's a small portfolio of some of my animations. They are all produced using Adobe Flash, so you need Flash Player installed on your computer to view them. There's a link on the animation intro page that allows you download Flash Player from Adobe if you need it. (it's free!



A selection of Monks Christmas cards I have designed over the years