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This year, 2017, will be my last year of producing new Monks designs. I've decided to retire. Well, semi-retire at least. I've been drawing these habit wearing, mead guzzling, computer using bald blokes for, ooh, must be 25 years and I've decided it's time to stop. It's not just the Monks, I'm cutting back on my other work too in case you were wondering.
Thank you so much all of you who have enjoyed and purchased my Monks cards over the years. I'm amazed at how popular they became, and what a loyal following they have.

I currently have in stock a limited quantity of Monks cards of various designs printed with the standard "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" message inside. I am making these available at the discounted price of £1.20 per card including post and packing. Email me for details of availabilty.

I now sell a lot of my work on the Print-on-Demand site Redbubble, and I have made my Monks designs available on there as large scale high quality prints. You can find them via this link should you be interested:

After 2017, all the Monks Christmas designs that you see here will be available as cards via Redbubble. They can't be personalised alas, and the cards will blank inside, but should you require Christmas Monks cards, Redbubble will be the place to find them in the future. I'll post a link up here in the new year to enable you to find them easily.


Available now! The Monks Card range for 2017



Like to know how these cards are done? Click here.